The aim of the Çankaya University Preparatory School (CUPS) program is to equip students with a certain level of proficiency in English so that they become eligible to proceed with their departmental courses as the medium of education at our university is English (excluding the Law Faculty). Students are expected to be able to follow lectures, take notes, read textbooks, deliver presentations and write reports with confidence as part of their departmental courses. To that end, with a consideration of individual differences, a modern, scientific and student-centered language program is being implemented in CUPS.

We are also well aware of the fact that in order for students to function effectively in academic and professional terms they need to be encouraged to develop independent learning skills. In this respect, the CUPS program is aimed at promoting learner autonomy in line with contemporary trends by getting them to monitor and take active responsibility for their own learning, communicate their ideas effectively, think critically and creatively, carry out research and utilize information technologies, and transfer all these skills to other fields of life efficiently.

Accordingly, the CUPS intensive language education program within the scope of European standards and with a consideration of the convenience of technology in language education contributes to students in becoming well-equipped and versatile individuals with a strong sense of responsibility.

About Us

The academic staff at CUPS consists of 53 Turkish and foreign instructors who are experts in their respective fields. Effective learning is achieved by recognizing the skills, areas of interest, styles of learning and study habits of students. Our instructors, in this sense, aid and assist students to find solutions to any of their academic difficulties with an awareness of individual differences, and CUPS functions as a modern educational environment where the staff places a strong emphasis on team work, technology use and professional development.