English Proficiency Exam Sample Questions


Çankaya University English Proficiency Exam aims to assess students’ competency in English based on the curricular objectives of the program implemented at the Çankaya University English Preparatory Unit, with a focus on academic, communicative and productive language skills that students will need to complete their departmental studies at Çankaya University.

The Çankaya University English Proficiency Exam is administered four times per academic year.

The Çankaya University English Proficiency Exam consists of the following sections:


Number of Questions




1 Lecture  (note-taking)  about 8 questions
1 conversation (while Listening) about 8 questions

30 minutes

25 points


2 texts  (about 800 words) about 8 questions

45 minutes

35 points

Language Use
          1. Grammar

          2. Vocabulary

10 Questions
10 Questions

15 minutes
15 minutes

10 points
10 points


Writing a paragraph (about 250 words) on academic or current events topics

30 minutes

20 points



135 minutes

100 points

Below is a brief description of each section of the proficiency exam.

Listening section includes:

topic and main ideas
specific information
supporting details
purpose and attitude

Reading Section includes:

main ideas /topic
supporting details
specific information
guessing meaning from context
reference words
author’s purpose

Writing:  Students are asked to write a paragraph on academic or current events topics and support their ideas, details and examples with smooth and clear paragraph organization.

In their writing, students are expected to demonstrate:

effective communication in an academic setting
converse with ease and confidence on a variety of topics using various speaking functions, which include identifying, describing, expressing preferences, explaining and suggesting
convey a message with clear organization
employ a range of basic and complex grammatical and lexical knowledge

*** Students can find announcements regarding the exam, exact date, place, etc. on the Çankaya University English Preparatory Unit web page:

To see a sample CUPS Proficiency Exam, click the link.